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One of the founding members of Swedens All Out Dubstep crew started out life as a techno DJ back in 1995. She quickly gained respect from her peers such Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch and Joel Mull, as the only female techno DJ in the Swedish club scene at that time. This was documented in a book called “Techno – musiken, dansen och scenen” by Sara Larsson from 1997.

Move forward to 2007 and Gena helped to forge the All Out Dubstep Crew helping to run a host of parties across Sweden, Europe and Asia. She’s been playing alongside the dubstep scenes biggest stars such as Benga, Skream, Distance, Mala, Coki, Silkie, Kromestar and many others.

Gena has also included numerous appearances on Swedish national radio, Swedish TV, guest mixes for brands such as Nike, Reebok, Fenchurch and European club/festival appearances. During 2013 she’s also supported swedish grime artist Max Peezay on his national tour.
Her sets often take in influences such as Future Garage, Dubstep, Kuduro and trap. But one thing is for certain, the order of the day is always bone shaking basslines and rough edgy beats.
Hence the reason she has been dubbed “THE QUEEN OF BASS”.



L-Wiz is a duo consisting of Claes Rosén and Ola Näslund from Nynäshamn Sweden (Stockholm)

They started making dubstep early 2000 and around 2003 they got in contact with Caspa through the old forum
2005, the year of  the first release on dubpolice 001 ( Habibi, Egyptic, Girlfriend ) was a huge sucess.
After that the releases continued, not only on Dubpolice but out on different labels, such as :  Baredubs, Destructive Recordings, Sonic Boom, Dub Thiefs and swedens first dubsteplabel Redvolume.

Main inlfuenses are Bob James, Warren Harris aka HANNA, Anti Social ent, Kromestar, Joker, Clouds, Coki and life itself.
L-Wiz are a part of the All Out Dubstep gang in Stockholm, that arranges clubnights and various dubstep events in Sweden.


I&I is a true perfectionist behind the decks, always striving to take his mixing one step further. With his bag packed to the brim with tracks touching all ranges of dubstep you never know what he’s going to drop next, all you know is that it’s going to be big..

In late 2007 he started WobbleTV with Amazing A and Tri-Funk which brought dubstep streaming to the worlds ears every Monday night. In 2008 i&i became a resident at All out Dubstep and WobbleTV evolved into AODTV.

Since then he’s been busy playing venues all over Scandinavia with the likes of L.D, Chef, Silkie, Kromestar, Von D, V.I.V.E.K, Walsh and many more.

Right now he’s working hard on a brand new platform which will be unveiled this winter.
This is definitely a man you need to keep your eyes on..


Trickykid & Eboi

With their roots stemming from two separate worlds, the collaboration
might’ve seemed farfetched at first. Nonetheless, it came like a fresh
breeze, sweeping across the Swedish music scene.

Trickykid had already built up a loyal Dubstep fan base, through years
of hard work and DJ skills possessed by few and had a product that
could reach a much broader audience.

Through RMH’s Thomas Gunnarsson, he met Eboi who had already began to
host different club events, both Hiphop and Electro/house music. Eboi
was eager to take his hosting to the next level and, perhaps, in a new
The fellas instantly hit the nail on the head. Trickykid’s
understanding of what the audience wanted and with his genuine
presence on the decks, combined with Eboi’s rhythmic verses and crowd
control, it didn’t take much to realize – the package was set and
ready to be shipped out.
After numerous shows together, they’ve developed a product without
comparison and a product that has been missing in general on the music
Eboi has already dropped three Dubstep tracks as his contribution to
the Nike Sportswear mixtape. Together with Trickykid, more releases
and tours with their innovative product are being planned.




ALX is one of the most sought after Dubstep DJs in Sweden and as a 2x Swedish DMC Champion and DMC World finalist it’s not hard to understand why. He transfers he’s skills as a world class turntablist to the dance floor, making he’s sets technical yet funky. He’s main focus lies on Dubstep, altough he loves to throw in some DnB tracks in the mix aswell.

ALX is also the founder of the Gävle based club “Gefle Dub”, one of Swedens biggest arenas for bass heavy music.



The swedish producer Joel Metz bears a few different aliases when he is creating music, but Farkas is the one most people know of.

Joel has allways had an interest for Jazz and Funk which at the time are big influences when he is producing groundshaking clubmusic. UK Garage, Drum & Bass and Dubstep is the main focus in the studio, but many other UK-bass genres is also designed and shaped.

At the moment Joel runs the independent label Sekten which recently had its first official release. This release was well-greeted by the swedish fans, but also by DJs in England, USA and many other countries.

The Others, Walsh, Dismantle, Dream, FuntCase & Jakes are only a few of the DJ’s supporting his music. The brittish label Biscuit Factory has signed an EP by Farkas which is forthcoming early 2012.

This, and many other forthcoming projects makes Farkas one of Swedens up’n'coming producers!



RDG started producing at a young age, making all sorts of music on his dads computer. This involved into playing drums and putting down some vocal in a couple of bands and groups. After some years he went back to his old flame: UK Garage, Jungle and Drum’n'bass. RDG then began spinning dubstep records in 2008 along with production. In the early 2011 he started the project “ROOT” and record label “Surfase” with fellow producer JB.

“RDG’s productions evolves the sound of Dubstep while staying true to the roots of the genre. With frequently support from J:Kenzo, Chef, Jay5ive and Von D, international bookings and guest appearences on Getdarker TV, he’s been charging forward on the scene.